Continuing Education

CD-ROM Home Study Course

The Georgia Institute of Independent Real Estate Study is pleased to offer an interactive computer-based course that require no attendance of in-class hours. This course is ideal for students who want the convenience of taking a course at home or at the office according to individual schedules.

The program is easy to use and requires minimal computer experience, although you should have a working knowledge of basic Windows functions. This interactive tutorial is tailored to the needs of individual students. This course, approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission, has technical support available to provide help.

JMRE Commercial Continuing Education

JMRE Commercial Courses may be purchased in 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 hour increments:
3 hours - $35 | 6 hours - $55 | 12 hours - $100 | 18 hours - $140 | 24 hours - $150

Course Descriptions

Commercial Real Estate I ~ 3 Hours
Overview of types of commercial real estate, specialization in the industry, economic issues and trends and laws pertinent to the practice of commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate II ~ 3 Hours
Discussion of listings used in commercial real estate, buyer agency, and suggestions for obtaining and marketing commercial real estate in addition to practical applications of the license law.

Commercial Land I ~ 3 Hours
Overview of the land acquisition process, the players, property descriptions and discussion of the most common offer forms for the sale and purchase of raw land.

Commercial Land II ~ 3 Hours
Discussion of land development issues including zoning, variances, permitting, environmental concerns and the practical usage of sales comparison data.

Commercial Leasing I ~ 3 Hours
Detailed explanations of types and structures of commercial leases, including office and retail leases and practical examples and definitions of quoted rates and other leasing terminology.

Commercial Leasing II ~ 3 Hours
Discussion and explanation of various clauses common in different commercial leases and their practical application. Causes include subordination, assignment, CPI and other escalators.

Commercial Real Estate Terms I ~ 3 Hours
Review and explanation of various terms and definitions used in commercial real estate practice described in a practical nature.

Negotiating Real Estate Transactions ~ 3 Hours
Discussion of negotiating strategies, tactics and the study of body language as they relate to practical usage in the real estate business and in everyday life.

Development of Residential Subdivisions ~ 3 Hours
The entire process of developing a new residential subdivision project is covered from a practical perspective. Topics include negotiating the purchase contract, zoning permitting, actual development of the land and ethical considerations in selling lots. The financial aspects of planning for a successful project using a Cash Flow model, various types of funding, loan application and draw schedules are also discussed.

Hardware & Software Requirements

  • An IBM PC-AT or 100% compatible computer with a 486 DX-25 based processor or higher.
  • VGA adapter and VGA monitor.
  • A hard disk drive with 15 MB available.
  • CD-ROM drive.
  • Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, or NT compatible, at least 16MB of RAM is required.
  • Course may not work on MacIntosh.
  • Course must be started and finished on the same computer.