Broker Prelicense Course

Do you want to start your own business or manage an existing brokerage office? If you've been licensed as a salesperson for at least 3 of the last 5 years, you are eligible to take the Broker course and upgrade your license.

The Georgia Institute of Real Estate offers you several course formats to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Computer-based courses can be completed at your own pace or you can attend one of our daytime or evening/Saturday programs at our convenient Atlanta location. The Georgia Institute's experienced cadre of Broker Instructors will prepare you to move up to the next level.

The first-time examinee passing rate of the GIRE students continues to be among the highest in Georgia. In 2015, 62 of 64 (97%) of the GIRE classroom Broker Pre-license students passed the State exam on their first attempt! (Statewide percentage passing the first time – 81%.)

Broker Xpress

Our classroom-based Broker Pre-license course is not just a review of what you learned in your Sales Prelicense class; Broker Xpress is almost entirely hands-on and interactive education. Attendees share knowledge and experience, and develop problem-solving strategies through case studies, small-group exercises and simulations. The course focuses on the issues that real estate brokers face in today's real world.

Broker Xpress will also better prepare you for the state's simulation-based exam.  This course was designed to help the student have a better understanding of simulations and how to answer them correctly!

This is a fun course, packed with practical information that even experienced brokers will find useful and inspirational. Don't get stuck in a broker class taken elsewhere where you simply review the material... Enjoy a true learning experience at the Georgia Institute of Real Estate!

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